Challenge Aspen National Council Membership

Challenge Aspen’s National Council is a group of generous and influential donors who support and advance the work of our organization, which is dedicated to impacting lives through year-round adaptive experiences for individuals faced with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. National Council support provides critical funding to uphold the quality of Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities (CAMO) and Recreational, Educational and Cultural (REC) programs, and in turn, improves the quality of life for those living with disabilities. We hope you will join this special group of Challenge Aspen contributors who are committed to achieving our mission of creating possibilities for people with disabilities!

To qualify for membership:

  • Made an annual donation of $5,000 or greater
  • Given a total of $25,000 or more over the past 25 years
  • Sustained a cash donation annually for 20 or more years

National Council privileges include but are not limited to:

  • Advance purchase opportunities for all Challenge Aspen events 
  • Preferred seating (as possible)
  • Exclusive National Council Events
  • Prominent listing in Challenge Aspen publications
  • 25% discount on Challenge Aspen merchandise
  • Open invitation to observe Challenge Aspen ski and/or snowboard lessons, camps, and/or retreats
We hope you will join this special group of Challenge Aspen contributors who are committed to achieving our mission of creating possibilities for people with disabilities!

Questions? Please contact Brenna Sandstrom, Development director: bsandstrom@CHALLENGEASPEN.ORG, or call 970-923-0578.

2020 Members

BJ Adams
Alpine Bank
Isaac Arnold
Meg and Jeff Arnold
Vickie and David Arnold
Aspen Community Foundation
Gwen Carew and Charles Bailey
The Martha W Banker Charitable Trust/Jean Ann and J Barry Banker
Barbara and Franklin Carson Family Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Ingalls Shook Foundation
Donna and Jim Barksdale
Shepherd Center/Sarah Batts
Molly and Tom Bedell
Katie De Besche and James Bennas
TRQ Foundation/Vivienne Benoit
Jane and Kevin Berg
Lori and Bruce Berman
John and Chris Blair
Daryl and John Blatz
Elyse and Steve Blechman
Boogie Weinglass
Ari and Mark Borman
Dan Bosko
Bow Tie Cinemas
Patricia and David Bristol
Donna and John Brittingham
Phyllis and Jim Britton
Jeri and Vaughn Brock
Susan and Robert Brown
Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation
Dr. Kenton and Mrs. Donna Bruice
The Burning Foundation/Tracy and Edwin Bruning
Baum Foundation/Glenn Bucksbaum
Bill Burton
Nancy and Jeff Carlson
Amy and John Charters
Caryl and David Cherry
Darcy and Dean Christal
Megan and Tom Clark, Jr
Don Clurman
Denise and Warren Cohen
Amy Simmons-Crafton and Joe Crafton
Steven Craig
Rusty Crossland
Castaways Foundation/Laurie Crown
Nancy and Steve Crown
Margaret Culver
Christina Cumberton
Virginia Dabney
Alexandra and Peter Daitch
Dana J Schneider Family Foundation Inc.
DeAngelis Family Foundation
Denver Security Traders Association
Department of Veterans Affairs
Lisa and Karl Dickson
Disabled Sports USA
Wendy Groover and Tom Divinere
Karmen Dopslaff
Caroline and Howard Draft
Jan and Don Dwyer
Genna and Richard Eddy
Robin Eddy
Ernst and Wilma Martens Foundation
Bille and Greg Erwin
Lelia and Steve Ferrer
Jim Finch
Sara Finkle
Marilyn Flint
Amy and Matt Follett
Parris Frantz
David Gaunt
Beverly Gelfand
Elaine and Gordon Gerson, M.D.
Susan and Don Gilbert
Stevie Gillman
Glenwood Springs Subaru
Kitzia and Richard Goodman
Andrea and James Gordon
Linda and Arnie Graham
Vince Gill and Amy Grant
Gregg and Jean Frankel Foundation
Judi and Wayne Harris
Barbara and Peter Hearst
Susan and John Herr
Tatnall and Bobbie Hillman
HJ Promise Foundation
Helga Fisch and Dr. Richard Hodosh
Laureen Hopkins
Debbie and Richard Jelinek
Pam and Gregory Johnloz
Rose Marie Princ Crut and Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Anne and Kent Jolley
Nona and Russell Jones
Julie and Brian Simmons Foundation
Laura and Mike Kaplan
Harrison Katz
Diane and Jack Kennedy
KNU For Kids Fundation

Belinda and Scott Kraemer
Alix and David LaSalle
Martha or Donald Miller Foundation
Rebecca and McLean Mascovitz
John McBride, Jr
Barbara and Pat McMahon
Clarisa and Tom McMahon
Jane and Tim McMahon
Meinig Family Foundation
Jay’s Valet/Jay Mills
Gloria and Ron Mizer, D.D.S.
Brett Moody
Gary Moore
Karen and Bruce Moore
Kim and Matthew Moore
David Moray
Richard Morris
Dr Michael and Christine Morykwas
Moses Family Foundation Inc.
Ann Cook and Charley Moss
Ellen-Jane and Ben Moss
Jane and Clark Nims
Meghan and Michael O’Donnell
Mary Ann and Kerry O’Neil
Colleen Olson
Ann and Keith Parrish
Martin Engineering/Ed Peterson
Amy and John Phelan
Pitkin County
Robert Purvis
Rebecca and Bryant Ragan
The Ann Schermerhorn Foundation/Beth and Steve Raymond
Reese Henry & Company, Inc.
Tim Reynolds
Richard Horvitz & Erica Hartman-Horvitz Foundation
Holly and Dwight Richert
Nancy and Richard Rogers
TROGERS Inc./Terry Rogers
Debbi Fields Rose
Barbara and Donald Rosenberg
Angela and Adam Ross
Barbara and Bruce Ross
Jennifer Russell
Kim Scheuer
Jack Schiff, Jr.
Candice and Jerry Schlief
Eric Schmidt
Janne and Bob Schultz
Barbara Scrivens
Janice and Craig Shannon
Betty Shea
Rachel and Anthony Sherman
Mike Silvestro
Karen and Phillip Sirianni
Christina and Mickey Smith
Gail and Bruce Smith
David Spencer
Kelly and Ray Spitzlet
Candice and Steven Stark
Jeanene and Rick Stephens
Dana and Andy Stone
Allison and Carl Strelecki
Teach A Man To Fish Foundation
The 2017 Cardinal Trust
The Crist Household
The Dorothy Cate and Thomas F. Frist Foundation
The Dreman Foundation
The Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
The Navias Family Foundation
The Skirball Foundation
Marilyn and Steve Thomas
Three Sisters Foundation
Mark Tye
Betty and Ben Van Dyke
Veteran Pride Investment Group
Warren Family Charitable Gift Fund
Kyle Weiner
Welch Family Foundation
Laura Welch
William and Lynda Steere Foundation
Brian M Wilson Memorial Fund
Karen Wing
Shana Wood
Tamara and Frank Woods
Jimmy Yeager
Sheila and Richard Zepernick

And anonymous donors

All disabilities. All ages. All seasons.


participants served


active volunteers annually

$3.1 mil.

awarded in scholarships

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