COVID-19 Protocols: Fall 2021

Updated October 1, 2021

COVID -19 Operations Policy – Update

Effective October 1, 2021

Challenge Aspen will continue to comply with county and state guidelines pertaining to Covid-19. With the increase of Covid-19 variant cases within Pitkin County and the country we feel it appropriate to enforce strict guidelines for anyone participating with our organization, including but not limited to our participants, family members, caregivers, volunteers, pros and staff.

 Safety is of utmost importance in every aspect of Challenge Aspen’s operations. The following requirements are in place in order to help protect our participants and their families, volunteers, pros, staff and the general public.


COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements


  • Any Challenge Aspen participant and their accompanying family members and/or caregivers that are participating in a group program, and that are eligible to be vaccinated, must be fully vaccinated by an approved FDA Covid-19 vaccination and remain current with boosters per FDA guidelines.
  • Will be required to show vaccination card upon registration or arrival at the CA office.


  • All volunteers must be fully vaccinated by an approved FDA Covid-19 vaccination and remain current with boosters per FDA guidelines.
  • Will be required to show vaccination card to CA’s Volunteer Manager.

Exemption from Vaccine Requirement:

 General Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Following Pitkin County guidelines, masks must be worn while in the Challenge Aspen office and equipment room.
  • In the event anyone participating with or working for Challenge Aspen is diagnosed with Covid 19, and the individual requests to return to work or participation with CA, written documentation on letter head from a qualified physician stating the individual is healthy and able to return to work or regular activies will be required
  • We recommend 6-foot social distancing whenever possible.
  • You may not participate with Challenge Aspen if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.
  • In the event you have been in contact with individuals associated with Challenge Aspen, and test positive for Covid-19, immediately inform Challenge Aspen.
  • Participants will be asked to leave personal belongings outside the office while participating in Challenge Aspen activities.
  • We discourage large gatherings inside the office and/or equipment room.
  • Adhere to Aspen Skiing Company Covid protocols while on the mountain and inside mountain restaurants, restrooms, etc.
  • Any Challenge Aspen vehicle transportation will require face masks for all.
  • The Challenge Aspen kitchen is closed to participant, guest & volunteer use.
  • CA restrooms, common areas, door knobs, and surfaces will be disinfected daily.

We are so grateful to everyone for adhering to our above requests.  We want to protect and support the special population that we serve, along with protecting the general public and everyone that has so generously dedicated their lives to this organization. Doing all we can to maintain a safe and healthy environment and experiences for our participants is our main focus.  Thanks to you all, with these protocols in place, we can continue on that path.

Link to the Pitkin County Covid-19 Employer / Employee Guide.

Link to general updated Pitkin County Covid-19 information.

Link to general updated information from the CDC.

Additional contacts: | 970-429-6186 | Email:

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