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Challenge Aspen’s Annual Gala: Moving Mountains will be held at the Buttermilk Mountain Lodge on Sunday, July 21st.

Participant Resources

ADA & Service Dogs

Challenge Aspen is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities and providing an environment for programming that is inclusive and accessible for all. We believe in and uphold the principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are dedicated to complying with its requirements.

Any service dog in the Challenge Aspen office must be on a leash, if unaccompanied by their owner.

Adaptive Equipment Rental
Due to the complexity and high cost of our specialized adaptive equipment, Challenge Aspen does not rent, or allow equipment use without trained instructor or buddy support.
ASL & Language Assistance
Challenge Aspen is committed to inclusivity and accessibility by providing, upon request?? , American Sign Language (ASL) and language support to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their communication needs, can fully engage with services and resources.
Billing & Payment
Payment must be received in full within 48 hours of receiving their confirmation email, which includes a link to payment. Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received.
CAMO – Participant Eligibility & Selection

Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities (CAMO) programs are eligible for any veteran or active-duty service member with a permanent disability. CAMO programs are open to all genders, from any branch, any era, any length of service, and combat or training injured.

Veterans must be in good standing, and not barred from receiving VA benefits. Active duty must currently be in a soldier recovery unit, MEB/PEB process, or enrolled in a rehabilitation hospital program. Official documentation is required for participation. Examples of official documentation are Form DD-214, VA Disability Rating Letter, or recommendation by military doctor or therapist.

CAMO Western Slope Socials are sign-up programs, and anyone meeting the above criteria is welcome to register. The invitation to participate may be paused or revoked by the CAMO staff due to behavior issues, cancellations, or unusually high interest of new participants.

CAMO Partner Programs are filled by our listed partners, and also adhere to the above criteria.

CAMO Rocky Mountain Retreats are application/selection based programs, and the above criteria must be met for an applicant to be considered. The CAMO staff reviews each application, and chooses who to interview for a possible invitation, based on a combination of the following.

  • Complete Application – A thorough, thoughtful application is looked at as a level of drive and commitment to participate, if invited on a retreat.
  • Disability Priority – Challenge Aspen is happy and able to work with people with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. The CAMO program gives priority to those with significant physical disabilities, including spinal cord injury, limb deficiency, traumatic brain injury, or other significant trauma that hinders mobility. Our second priority would be post-traumatic stress, depression or anxiety, other cognitive or emotional diagnoses, and physical disabilities that do not significantly hinder mobility.
  • VA Rating – A higher % VA Disability Rating is considered a higher priority.
  • Participant Health – Overall health, wellness, & weight can impact selection for certain activities. Please review our Age & Weight Limit guidelines regarding certain activities and equipment.

Please note that an invitation to apply or register for a program is ultimately the decision of the CAMO Program Director, and all decisions are open to review by the Challenge Aspen Operations Director and CEO.

CAMO – Payment & Cancellation

Rocky Mountain Retreats require a $100 deposit to secure a spot on a retreat, once invited. Deposits are due within 1 week of the official invitation. After successful completion of the retreat and survey, participants will be refunded their deposit within 2 weeks, unless they choose the option to donate their deposit to support future CAMO programs. There is no cancellation for these deposits, if a participant cancels for any reason, their deposit will be forfeited.

Western Slope Socials require payment in full to reserve a spot. Participants can cancel, and receive a full refund, if cancellation is done 1 week prior to program start date. Cancellations within 1 week of the program start date can have the 50% of their payment moved to 1 future program, and will forfeit the other 50%.

Cancellation & Refunds

The participant will receive a full refund if they cancel any time prior to the 48-hour window. A cancellation within the 48-hour window does NOT make the participant eligible for a refund of any kind.

Confidentiality Policy
While participating with Challenge Aspen, sensitive information about participants may need to be shared with Challenge Aspen staff and/or volunteers to ensure safety of the participant. Please understand that personal and medical information that is shared during Challenge Aspen programming is confidential and protected by HIPAA laws.
Drug & Alcohol Policy

Challenge Aspen has vital interests in ensuring a safe, healthy and efficient working environment for our staff, volunteers and the participants we serve. The unlawful or improper presence or use of controlled substances and/or alcohol in the workplace presents a danger to everyone.

Staff and volunteers are prohibited from consuming alcohol or marijuana during working hours, including meal and break periods as well as during lessons.

Family, Caregivers, & Friends

Up to 1 family member, caregiver, or friend who is accompanying the participant is able to receive a discounted lift ticket. Applies to both buddy days, lessons, and lift tickets.

At Challenge Aspen, we welcome family members to join our adaptive lessons. We encourage family participation; yet want to ensure that the instruction is clearly for the adaptive participant only. Any family member joining a lesson will simply be observing and enjoying the camaraderie. A maximum of three additional family members are allowed to join any Challenge Aspen lesson.

Challenge Aspen Pros will focus on the enjoyment and improvement of the adaptive student, so please understand that if the Pro feels the additional family members in the lesson are taking away from the participants best possible experience, they may request one on one time with the student.

If a family member is seeking instruction, they may join or reserve a group lesson (of up to 5 people) through Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) and receive the advanced purchase price through Challenge Aspen.

All Challenge Aspen lessons are an exceptional value and are taught by Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) certified instructors. Each lesson includes an instructor, a lift ticket for the participant, and any necessary rental equipment required for participation in the lesson.

Thank you and have a fantastic time in Snowmass!

Group Terms & Conditions
Group scheduling should be directed to our program team, who will work in concert with reservations, equipment and ticketing. Reservations for groups need to be completed well in advance of program dates, as we are often limited in staffing, especially during peak times. Challenge Aspen has funding to assist with groups as needed, for program offerings and equipment. While we can assist with lodging arrangements, funding is generally provided by groups and/or individuals.
Off-Site Programs
Any Challenge Aspen participant who is participating in a program off-site will be complying with that site’s policies and procedures. This includes signing all waivers for the off-site program as well as Challenge Aspen waivers.
Participant Eligibility

All participants of Challenge Aspen must have a documented, permanent disability, as recognized by a doctor through our medical release waiver. All participants must sign all Challenge Aspen waivers and have medical clearance by a doctor to participate in programming. Challenge Aspen utilizes the DSM-5 as the diagnostic tool to assess and determine disability in individuals.

Participant Self Care
Challenge Aspen staff, volunteers, and ski pros are not permitted to provide self-care such as toileting and changing. If this is a need for you, please make sure to have yourself or someone available to help to help with these tasks.
Safety Equipment

Safety is a primary concern of Challenge Aspen. Each participant (Guests, Ski Pros, Volunteers and Apprentice Pros) must follow the safety regulations, rules and policies adopted by Aspen Skiing Company and Challenge Aspen.

As a partner with Aspen Skiing Company it is important that safety is of primary concern. Following is only a brief list of safety considerations that Challenge Aspen uses during programming:

  • Helmets
    Helmets are required for: Everyone participating in Challenge Aspen Programs (downhill skiing, snowboarding, biking).
  • Jumping/Catching Air
    Jumping or catching air is not permitted on Challenge Aspen equipment.
  • Pressure Sore Awareness
    During your assessment process, Challenge Aspen staff needs to be aware if the participant has had any history of pressure sores. With this knowledge, our staff will check the set up often, take frequent breaks and ask that the participant and/or their caregiver checks for any soreness over the duration of their time participating with Challenge Aspen.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries/Concussions
    Challenge Aspen staff, volunteers and participant work alongside each other to create the best fall mitigation strategy for the individual to ensure their safety. All staff and volunteers are required to complete the “Heads Up Concussion” Training. If a participant hits their head during a Challenge Aspen activity, the Challenge Aspen team will triage the injury and call necessary emergency services if needed. All involved are required to fill out an incident report at the Challenge Aspen office.
  • Seizure Belts
    Seizure belts are required on the chairlift for all participants who have had a seizure within the last 2 years of the date of the scheduled lesson. If a participant has been stable on medication without seizures for at least 2 years, a seizure belt is not required, but is always recommended. Seizure belts may be required by Pro for extenuating circumstances and will be considered or reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Retention/Safety Straps
    Safety Tethers for sit-skis, ski bikes, rider bars, and any other piece of adaptive equipment are required on all lessons and buddy days. A safety tether must be secured to a hard point on the equipment with a minimum of 1” tubular webbing, and tethered around the structure of the chairlift seat, reattached to the safety tether itself, or a hard point on the equipment. A hard point is defined as a main piece of the equipment structure, made from metal, and having some sort of closed loop to tie the tether on.
  • Bibs
    Bibs are required for visually impaired and hearing-impaired participants as well as their guides. General Challenge Aspen bibs are also avaliable and an option for any particiapnt who is not visually impaired, but wants extra visbility on the hill.

Thanks to generous donors and grant funding, Challenge Aspen is able to offer Adventure Awards for families or individuals in need of financial assistance to participate in programs. We ask that you and/or your family please pay what you can and only ask for what you need. This will help our funding continue to be available to everyone who needs it.

Scholarship applications can be submitted at any time, but to guarantee availability of funds for seasonal programs, please submit your application by the following deadlines: Summer Programs – May 1st and Winter Programs – December 1st.

Challenge Aspen will use the household income, less participant medical expenses to determine awards. If awarded it is your responsibility to make a reservation at your earliest convenience.

Wellness and Covid-19

The safety, health and wellness of the Challenge Aspen community including staff, participants and volunteers is our highest priority. These guidelines apply to all participants, staff and guests, regardless of Covid-19 vaccination or immunity status, and are intended to support safety within our programs. Our policies may adapt as circumstances evolve.

  1. Please be respectful of other participants, staff and volunteers and stay home when sick.
  2. Individuals must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication before returning.
  3. A doctor’s note must be provided in order to qualify for a partial refund for any cancellation within 48 hours. Cancellations due to injury or illness within 48 hours may be refunded less any non-refundable fees from vendors or partners.
  4. An individual who becomes ill during participation will be isolated and must be picked up as soon as possible. COVID-19 GUIDELINES FOR STAFF/PARTICIPANTS/VOLUNTEERS Challenge Aspen is currently operating as a mask optional facility. Participants may request masks during lessons, and staff will comply. Socially distanced instruction and a focus on the outdoors is preferred, however, Challenge Aspen instructors will provide hands-on assistance including transfers.
  5. Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 may not participate in any Challenge Aspen activities.
  6. Challenge Aspen policies are subject to change based on community levels and are informed by the Center for Disease Control and health departments in the 3 counties where our programs operate: Pitkin County, Eagle County, Garfield County.
  7. Positive Test + 1 or More Symptoms
    1. Isolate for days 0 – 5 (Day 0 = Day of symptom onset, regardless of test date)
    2. Individual may return to Challenge Aspen on day 6 if the following are true:
      1. Wear a mask for days 6 through 10
      2. Symptoms are improving Individual is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications
      3. Individual may remove mask sooner if 2 negative antigen test results are obtained 48 hours apart
  8. Positive Test + No Symptoms
    1. Isolate for days 0 – 5 (Day 0 = Day you were tested, Day 1 = first full day following the day you were tested)
    2. Individual may return to Challenge Aspen activities on day 6 if symptom free
    3. If symptoms develop within 10 days of testing, isolation clock restarts at day 0 and individual must reference the instructions above for a Positive Test + 1 or More Symptoms
  9. 6 Foot physical distancing guidelines will be followed for both indoor and outdoor environments except in cases where it is unsafe to maintain that distance.

Local Covid-19 Information:

Pitkin County:

Eagle County:

Garfield County:

Connect with us

Email or call 970-923-0578 to speak with a staff member for further instruction.