We hope that you are all doing well and practicing social distancing, so we can get back together soon! This page is dedicated to some virtual activities and programs that Challenge Aspen recommends. Stay tuned to this page, as we’ll update frequently with new fun stuff!

Here are several links from the National Ability Center, in Park City. Feel free to enjoy them any time.

Special Olympics has a fun new program, called the School of Strength. If you want to stay active and in shape, check it out.

DSUSA Let’s #AdaptatHome Together!

There are some art museums with virtual tours – have fun visiting some pretty cool and world wide works of art!

See some beautiful places on a National Parks tour: (https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/kenai-fjords)

Want to learn something about a local destination? Check out the tour of The Fairy Caves, in Glenwood Springs!

Would you like to see some Broadway Shows?

Andrew Lloyd Webber is now offering musicals every Friday on YouTube – a different one each week!

New York Hall of Science has some fun stuff too!

Stay tuned to the Challenge Aspenites Facebook page to see what we’re doing and visit with staff, volunteers, participants, pros and board members!

Challenge Aspen is planning activities each week – here is our schedule for May 4th to May 8th:

Monday, May 11th: 

Virtual Bingo on Zoom @1pm, just like last week! We had a great time with this last Monday and would love to have more people join!****Zoom Link **** You can use your old bingo card that we dropped off a couple weeks ago or print your own here:  http://activityconnection.com/uc/FreeBingo/Traditional-Cards.pdf Even if you don’t have a printer – you can just draw up a card using the cards on this link😊 Plus, we’ll be celebrating two birthdays!!!

Tuesday, May 12th: 

Spend some time outside, on a walk, bike ride etc. While you are out, bring a pad of paper and pencil/ art supplies to draw something that you see. Or take photos and draw them when you get home.

Wednesday, May 13th: 

Drive By Theme: Coloring For Relaxation (I can print out a packet of coloring pages for everyone to complete. Some will be more intricate and some will be more big picture. And I  will include a note about the benefits of coloring for relaxation/ mindfulness) Aspen theme? https://aspenhistory.org/programs-events/e-coloring-book/

Thursday, May 14th: 

New Survey:) – Will be posted on Facebook Page and sent via email.

Friday, May 15th: 

National Geographic 360 videos (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLivjPDlt6ApRq22sn082ZCC9893XtV8xc) These are interactive and educational videos that you can drag around for a VR experience.

Completed Surveys:  Friday Fun Survey