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Ball Drop FAQ:

What’s a ball drop you ask? 

Participants enter the contest by purchasing a golf ball with a unique number on it. Then at the Snowmass Club the morning of September 22nd, the balls are gathered and dropped onto the driving range green. (Dropped from a drone, hot air balloon or crane/cherry picker.)  The owner of the ball closest to or in the hole is the winner.

In the event that more than one ball in is “the cup”, the balls (in the cup) will be gathered and the winner chosen by blind pick.

Can I purchase multiple balls? 

 Yes, you can purchase as many as you would like.

Do I need to be present to win? 

No, the winner will be contacted by Challenge Aspen.

Can I come watch?  

In this time of COVID and social distancing we would prefer you did not. The event will be captured on video, and we are working on making it a live event if possible.