Enthusiasm for Life

Each participant brings something different, and Rico brought his enthusiasm for life.

It was my very first CAMO retreat and I was a little nervous. Growing up in France, I had never been around war veterans, didn’t know what to expect and was intimated by the the unfamiliar situation.

Timmer and I were going to work with Rico and the very moment he rolled in the office, my fear vanished. Rico had an inspiring smile, abundant energy and most of all, a joy and enthusiasm for life.

He had never skied in his life and was going to give it a try, sitting in a monoski. We brought him up to the Meadows in Snowmass. He transferred from his wheelchair to the sit-ski and never stopped trying. We gave him a few bucket rides and quickly Rico was off on his own.

Despite a few falls and hardships, Rico maintained his drive and ultimately succeeded in linking his turns ! After three days of hard work, Rico left with an even greater smile than the one he arrived with, which I thought would be impossible to beat!

It was fantastic assisting him in his progression and most of all, the CAMO retreat with Rico was for me, a beautiful cross-cultural experience. It opened my mind to a whole part of America I was unfamiliar with and have grown to admire.

From Apprentice Pro Camille Aumoite

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