Interski Congress 2015 Wrap Up

Challenge Aspen was honored to have recently been invited to the Interski 2015 World Congress of Snowsports held in Ushuaia, Argentina. The Congress is held every 4 years on a different continent and was attended by over 850 delegates from approx. 32 countries ranging from Russia to S. Korea. The purpose of the Congress is to bring together the Snowsports industry and to share the newest technology and methodologies of education/training used throughout the world.

Challenge Aspen became a partner of Argentina, the host country, to present a model program entitled “Adaptive Snowsports: the new emerging market.”

Houston Cowan, Co-founder & CEO, was asked to give the opening keynote speech to the Congress on September 5th. The Challenge Aspen Team of instructors then presented on snow and indoor workshops on how the Congress delegates and countries could benefit from creating adaptive Snowsports programs or collaborating with their existing programs.

The opportunity was a “dream come true.”


Houston keynote speaker at opening night of Interski

Houston giving a keynote presentation on opening night.

Bobby and Charley teaching in Bariloche

Bobby and Charley teaching in Bariloche

Charley Houston Bobby at Cerro Castor Ushuia1.1

Charley, Houston, and Bobby at Cerro Castor Ushuia.

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